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The flavours of the Jamaica | Jamaica Recipes Traditional

The flavours of the Jamaica are the production of the history of the island of green humor, succulent cut. The town of Spanish, British, African and East India had influence that which today is a unique culinary art of the color of the island received of many tropical fruits that thrive here.

The waters off Jamaica have always streamed with fish and seafood is the primary protein rootage for island dwellers. Snapper, grouper, sea bass and other reef a deep sea fish are grabbed everyday by the many fishers whose boats draw the beaches. Spiny lobster, shrimp and fresh water crustaceans are readily available and faked normally in a thick sauce. Poulet and laughingstocks are well befitted to the little mountainous island and are maintained by many syndicates but cows are rare and kick is not the preponderating inwardness.

Many of Jamaica's fruits, including pineapple, mango, banana and avocado were brought to the region by slave traders and plantation owners experimenting with crops. What were once sugar cane fields are now being used to grow fruits and ackee for export and domestic use.

Few other cuisines mix such a range of spices and tastes - sweet, hot and savory - as Jamaican cooking. Jamaican food wouldn't be the same without the spices, seasonings and colors from: Allspice, the pimento berry.

Among many of the spices grown in Jamaica are nutmeg, ginger, thyme, scotch bonnet peppers, which are integral distinct flavors of Jamaican cooking. The pungent thyme grows rampantly on the island and is found in the majority of Jamaican foods.

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